Welcome Everyone

Welcome Everyone,

Art has always been a part of my life, it just came out of nowhere, the kindergarten teachers along with my ophthalmologist suggested I be sent to art school.

My professional art career started in 2006 specialising in Abstract and Surreal concepts, which captures and interprets the natural environments of the Riverland region, in oil painting.

Living with a vision loss since birth (1975), has been a constant challenge due to people’s misconceived perceptions. My eye condition is classed as legally blind, consisting of my right eye being artificial as the eye never developed, and my left eye has peripheral vision with only 6.4% of 20/20 vision. For my ophthalmologist report see the attached file.

i’ve been experimenting with art since the early 1980’s and professionally since 2009. Gradually over time I have been homing my skills to work in mainly oil painting incorporating surreal/abstract forms with the addition of traditional landscapes.
Inspiration comes from all directions ranging from bushwalking to how I interact as a person living with a disability in a mainstream world.
Over time I’ve been able to gain notability through my hard work and receiving several awards ranging from the Kimber Art Prize to the Royal Adelaide Show here in SA (Australia). For further information visit the Prize / Awards page.
I have also expanded into creating my picture frames and later furniture. To see more please follow the links to my Hand Crafted Furniture & Picture Frames Facebook page.

I like to think that my work is a way to demonstrate that despite my limitations that people living a disability are capable of creating/achieving great things. I hope I’m also empowering and encouraging to others who are less fortunate.

Please remember that these works are all original one-off’s, ensuring my work has a re-sale value for the future to come.
I pride myself on quality so you get value for money.
I’m not sponsored by any malty national company so my future can only expand through sales / commissions of my work.

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