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New Links every one,
I can now be found on a variety of audemars piguet replica watches places on the World Wide Web. Here is an opportunity to keep up to date with other creative projects I am involved with.

I've wone another art prize at the Loxton Show October long weekend 2013. Photo to come.

Myspace I can be found on the link below.
Jamahl's MySpace

Facebook, A selection other creative outlets such as my music and some short videos of my work in progres. I can be located under Jamahl Pollard.

ABC Open, an audio & photo slide show providing another example of what it is like to be an artist with a vision loss. Produced by Susan Rooney-Harding regional photographer and producer for ABC Open Program.
To locate me head to ABC Broadcasting Australia and follow the links to ABC Local, click on Riverland and on the main page you will find ABC Open. There you will find a variety of stories about the many different lives of people living in the Riverland region of South Australia, I can be found under "Blind Artist."
*I also feature on ABC Local Radio (SA-Riverland) as the "Can Do Artist" with a short vidio of the challenges of being a vision impaired artist and my latest commission for the blind author Anette Siketta.
Let me know what you think.

I'm also on YouTube where some great mates of mine produced a short 5 minute film about the can do artist (Jamahl Pollard). This will give you an overview of the work that I do and a perspective of an artist living with a disability. Look for 10 Fingers Marie Press. Marie and Bruce directed, flimed and produced the short documentry.

If you are passing by in Berri (Riverland) regon of S.A. please give me a call on 0414395340 to arrange either a lesson or viewing of my work.
I also have some art work in the curent Loxton Christmas show 012/13, located at the Loxton VIC Bookponong Trce.
Will add in photo shortly.

WARNING, if you like what you see then act fast as I have a tendency to rework and create new art over old one's, as I live on a disability pension and rely on successful approval of arts grant applications and sales/commissions of my original art works. So I am running short of much needed $$$$ to purchase much needed funds to expand my career as an artist to cover the cost of;
*Running a web site;
Would like to set up new pages for the site, but at this stage the funds are not available.
Some of the improvements are;
Direct online auctions page, where you'll have the chance to bid for original art works at resolvable prices.
A woodworking page, showcasing the vast range of picture frame, furniture and the list goes on......

*Funds required for much needed equipment/materials;
A selection of acrylic/oil,spray paint, canvas, bulk pack of wood in a variety of sizes and species of timber in a quantity of about 600+m's, picture framing supplies, computer upgrade and the list goes on are just some of things I re.
*Exhibition costs;
Would like to be accepted into contemporary galleries to continue but need to sell more work to gain notability to access these galleries and cover hire costs.
*Transporting art works around the world to participate in exhibitions and competitions.
*Research Material; I could do with a copy of Russel Drysdales complete collection new book release at only $150. Research DVDs from ABC bookshops, A history of German Art, Australians At War ANZAC and the list goes on.
So if you are able to invest by purchasing or attending exhibition where my work can be viewed in the flesh tht will mean I can continue to do my work as a professional artist.

Main focus for 2014 is to exhibit at Rotary Art Shows with in South Australia and Victoria to expand my audience. The result thus far has proven to be rewarding with 8 awards for a variety of categories over the last 18 months, so I will be continuing this path.
Awards recieved at Campbelltown, Port Adelaide Roraty Art Shows, Royal Adelaide Show, Loxton Show for artist with a disability and encouragement to just name few.

Looking at several art galleries for stock room and consignment listings for 2014, will keep you posted of the coming events where my work can be seen in the flesh.

Event Photos
Final Attack  - Final Attack

Templater 1 Seep Shade - Templater 1 Seep Shade

Stage 6 - Stage 6

Royal Adelaide Show 2013 - Royal Adelaide Show 2013

Flyer - Flyer

Murry Messanger Commercial Bacteria 24,2,011 - Murry Messanger Commercial Bacteria 24,2,011

Xmas Photos 3 2012 - Xmas Photos 3 2012

Juxtapose Amadio Wines 6,5,011 - Juxtapose Amadio Wines 6,5,011

Artisitic Licinse 9,9,011 - Artisitic Licinse 9,9,011

Artistic Lisence 9,9,011 3 - Artistic Lisence 9,9,011 3

template 1 Full Color - template 1 Full Color

Campbelltown Rotary Art Show 013 - Campbelltown Rotary Art Show 013

Crafti Nest - Crafti Nest

Crafti nest 013 - Crafti nest 013

Paringa Xmas Mural 1 - Paringa Xmas Mural 1

Goolwa Flyer art show 2014  - Goolwa Flyer art show 2014

doc file: Flyer 2014 .

Campbelltown Flyer 2014 - Campbelltown Flyer 2014

Busines cards - Busines cards

Freds outside - Freds outside

Freds inside - Freds inside

Fate Flyer 2015 copy - Fate Flyer 2015 copy

Doors of Decption No 2 - Doors of Decption No 2

Exhibition Details Above far left photo,
Recent public art demo I conducted during an open day held at the Crafti Nest (Renmark SA) on the 7/12/013.
This was my first attempt at mucking about with airbrush art in almost 20 years. I had no plan or direction, I just went for it. I mainly went free hand with only a few stencils to assist. The car is a 87 Ford Ute.

Following Photo;
A color rough of a Vintage Speedway T'shirt design, because I am addicted to Speedway and am not happy about most of the T'shirts available. I want some thing I can ware to Speedway but go to a nice BBQ at the Olds house.

following photo;
Recent commission of company logo design for Riverview Cafe on the corner of Murry Av and Para St Renmark SA opposite the Renmark Hotel. Logo has been designed to be incorporated as part of their loyalty cards, business cards, sandwich board and menu back ground. Do drop in and see them as tney do great dine in or take away food.
I'm a fussy eater and they managed to make me happy. They are open from Mon Thurs 7am to 4pm and Fri to Sun 7am till 7pm. Their Steak Burgers are to die for, the food is much better than the Renmark Club and the Hotel hands down.

Following Photo;
Well this is it, I have managed to win another 2 awards for my art at the Adelaide Royal Show, suptember 2013.
First time I have recived 2 awards for the same art work.

Follwing photo;
Flyer for the Magenta Art Prize for 2014.

Following photo;
is of local Riverland Weekly Mes-anger news paper article about the exhibition. Also had radio interview with local ABC 1062 Riverland SA on Wed 16th of March on their Art/Culture in the Riverland.

Following Photos; Shows my work on display as part of the 2012/13 Members ehxibition hled at the Terrace Gallery Loxton.

Following 2 photos; are over several exhibitions I have participated in as part of the Art & Wine Nights at Juxtapose Studio, Were located at shop 6 Cinema Place Adelaide-just off Rundle St East.
Currently I have no works on show at Juxstapose Studio.

Following photo; Exhibition flyer.
Spring Exhibition at Artistic License during the month of September 2011. This is where my first real big break into the art world began as I was able to sell an art work there on the opening night, titled Toys, can be found under the SOLD & COMMISSION section of the gallery section on this web site.
Sad to see the gallery close their doors at 148 Melbourne St North Adelaide at the end of October of 2011. Will inform you of their future developments.

Following photo; of just some of my work on show at Artistic Licence Spring Exhibition held in September of 2011, Melbourne St North Adelaide.

Following Photo is another Color rough of my possible development of my T'shirts for Vintage Speedway. Just testing out the concept.

Following 2 photo is my awards for my participation in the May 2012 and Campbelltown Rotary Art Show where I received Vigil-Aide Alarms Award for artists living with a disability. I was quite shocked to find that my work was awarded the same prize 2 years running. I was also fortunate enough to win the same price in 2013.
Have continued to exhibit at the Campbeltown Rotary Art show in 2014/15

Following photo; of the Crafti-Nest, Renmark where my art work has been exhibited during 2014. Sadly another venue that has closed due to a number of reasons.

Following photo; I have assisted with Paringa Museum creating road side Christmas Decorations for the Paringa/Renmark Council. These murals can be found on the main street at Paringa and a variety of other locations in Renmark during the Festive season. With the help of several other people we were able to brighten up the place with a little extra Christmas cheer. The Pelican Santa and the Speedboat Santa with Merry Christmas on it are also my designs. More to come next year.

Following photo;
Flyer for the Goolwa Art Show for 2014

Following photo;
Flyer for the Campbelltown Rotary Art show, where you could have been able to view some of my work in the flesh in 2014.

Also have submitted art work for the Easter show put on by the Rotary Club of Bendigo VIC and the Blackwood Rotary Art Show in 2014 and 2015. So best you keep up to date as you never know where I may be exhibiting next.

Following Photo;
The coming opening night for the Riverland Writers Group's coming event at the Berri Library starting this Thurs 14/8/014 at 5:30pm with drinks and nibbles. Hope to see you there.
Will be putting art work and writing into the 2015 Riverland Writers Group. The theme is Fate. Opening night will be at the Berri Information Center from 31st of July - 30th of August. There are about 5 artist and the same in writers. Will keep you posted on developments.

Following Photo;
Hairy Fish Production a documentary film company run by 2 great friends of mine who have produced a range of short doco films, advertisements for business and music film clips.
One of these is called 10 Fingers a short doco about my life as an artist. Do check it out as this will give you an idea of what it is like to work as an artist living with a disability.

Following 2 photos;
Here are some of my art works can be found for sale at Fred's 2nd hand and collectables store at shop 61-63 Ral Ral Avenue Renmark. You'l find all sorts of things in there.

Following Flyer is of current exhibition of Ward And Art presented by the Riverland Writers Group. Will be held at the Berri Information Center Riverveiw Drive Berri SA during the month of August.

Following photo; is the art work I have had on display as part of the Riverland Writers Exhibition for 2015. Here the art work can be seen with one of my recycled picture frames. to view the art work head to the Gallery section of this web site and look for the art work titled Doors of Deception.

In 2008 I relocated from the city (Adelaide)to the country (Berri) of South Australia (Australia). I could no longer afford to pay the high private house rentals in Adelaide, as my education had not secured any meaningful sustainable employment despite my education.

Living in rural Australia has been quite challenging and isolating. But at least I can paint.

Below far left; are just a few of my cartoon sketches for you to view, with the possibility of being developed in to T'shirts with a limited release to see how the sell. Am also working on greeting cards but in a style different to my usual work as I am against posters and prints of my work.
I know I've talked about it a lot but they are here, my speedway T'shirts are here, as you can see I have made a test print of my first design. I have made some changes but the basic image and title stay the same. Just having problems finding a company to print them through at a reasonable price. Hoping to have them up and running sooner rather than later.

Event Photos
Australia Australia's Greatest Auction

Job Vacancy - Job Vacancy

IT Help Desk - IT Help Desk

Work For The Dole - Work For The Dole

White SS Color 1940 White SS Color 1940's

Black SS Color 1940 Black SS Color 1940's

Varonic & Jamahl at Artistic Lisence - Varonic & Jamahl at Artistic Lisence

Mary & Jamahl Juxtapose Studio - Mary & Jamahl Juxtapose Studio

Loki Loki's Dance Cover

Book 1 im 16 cover - Book 1 im 16 cover

The Ghosts of Camals College Front Cover with Text-JP - The Ghosts of Camals College Front Cover with Text-JP

Lion & House 3 - Lion & House 3

Lion & House 9 - Lion & House 9

Enter The part 5 - Enter The part 5

Venture Thee Cover - Venture Thee Cover

Exhibition flyer Flanders Fields - Exhibition flyer Flanders Fields

Me and Friend or Foe - Me and Friend or Foe

Me and Tell me about your day - Me and Tell me about your day

I've been busy Finally I have had some art works at several major galleries in Adelaide.
Above far left photo of Varonica and myself viewing some of my work at Artistic License. I have recently exhibited a variety of works at the gallery from November 010 to September 011, where I was fortunate enough to sell 2 paintings titled Toys and The Great Divide. Artisic License were kicated at 48 Melbourne St North Adelaide SA(Australia), are re-locating, will provide detials ASAP.

Above following photo Mary and myself viewing some of my work for selection at Juxtapose Studio, where I have had work on display.
Was located at shop 6 Cinema Place Adelaide SA(Australia).
Sadly this was another venue to feel the crunch of the economic crisis and closed their doors in early 2012.
Shame because I manged to sell a few of my pieces there.

Following photo is of ilustration work for author Kevin Phelan for his latest book, Loki's Dance (Enter Into Chaos, Book One). To understand more aout the book click on the blurb and is available for live feed read on Amozon Books under Kindle.
I am also working on another 2 book covers for author Kevin Phelan and will keep you posted of the progress.

Following photo; also completed ilustration work for author Annette Siketa for her fist book The Gosts of Camals Collage. Following photo is the back cover. Following 2 photos are of the completed cover with text for the book, The Ghosts of Camals College.

Sent out several quotes to authors and publishing companies for some more illustration work and have managed to secure some work through Digital Print Australia for a book cover for one of their clients. These photos show work in progress for the book Enter The.
Following work of the completed art work, but needed later some changes and so the following photo shows the night time sample.
Then we went back to the original cover as some vital elements were left out of the consept by the author.
Final art work shows the back and front cover.

Following images
Poppies exhibition during the moth of April to mark the One Hundredth anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign and the ANZAC fighting force. Held at the Rain Moth Gallery where I had several works on show depicting various aspects of the Western Front During WW1. Do drop in as I have sold one of my works there and often participate in several of the exhibitions through out the year.
Following 2 photos of me standing with my work. I have also created a blurb to go with the works to describe my inspiration and to provide some un-known facts about the Great war. If you are unable to get there these works can be located in my Military section of my web site.

ABC Radio Interview.
I have been part of many radio invterviews here is just one of them with Radio National as part of their Meet The Listener as part of their morning Life Matters program. The interview was conducted on Tuse 23/9/08 at 9:45am. To listen to the interview head to and look for the program n Their Tracks.
You may be able to still hear it through their links.
I'll try and find it myself and will put a link in.

Below the following photos shows the progress of the reworking of one of my paintings titled Stopped In Their Tracks. Can be located in the Gallery section under Military.
Originally created in 2007, I had felt some time after completion that the work needed adjustments made as it felt flat. So in 2009 re-working had began to improve overall impact of the harshness of war. I conducted much research to bring to life the ferocity of the First World War to depict just a moment of how deadly artillery had become.
Here the cold light of morning unveils the left overs of a battle. Rain bogged the men and beast down in the mud catching them in a barrage, trapping them where they stood.

Event Photos
Stopped In Their Tracks - Stopped In Their Tracks

Stopped In Their Tracks, Work in Progress 2 - Stopped In Their Tracks, Work in Progress 2

Stopped In Their Tracks No 6 - Stopped In Their Tracks No 6

Lots More Below far left photo are the old business cards in opperation from February 207 to 2010. New business cards have been designed an are going through a feed back stage before printing. They will be available soon and thanks to the Richard Llewellyn Disability Arts Trust I would not be able to afford printing them.

Middle X box is a collection of art works presented as a 3 piece titled; The Lonely Bull Collection

Can be viewed by clicking on the title.
These are 3 of my sold commissioned works in 2007 showen as a set. Enjoy.

Following image is of the approved letter for my application for the Richard Llewellin Arts Trust for artist with a disability No 2010. With out this application being approved I would not have been able to put together my current exhibition Commercial Bacteria.

Far right; are my new business cards floating about the world as we speak. I designed them and had them professionaly printed. A special thanks to the Richard Llewellin Arts Trust as I would not have been able to afford to have these printed if it were not for my arts grant application to be approved.

Event Photos
Business cards from 206 to 010 - Business cards from 206 to 010

doc file: The Lonely Bull Collection .

Letter of Aceptacne for Exhibiton Commecial Bacteria - Letter of Aceptacne for Exhibiton Commecial Bacteria

New Busines Cards 2011 - New Busines Cards 2011

Proving a Point! Below Left 2 photos, Computer manipulated formats of the art works shown above titled Stopped In Their Tracks. This is to demonstrate how realistic they look if in digital format.

Far right 2 photos, are of a chess set I recently put together. Had some scrap timber left over from another project I'm working on. It is quite large as you can see but solid as a rock. A friend has helped me out quite a bit recently and so to help her out by providing a nice chess board to go with her very nice chess set.

Event Photos
Stopped In Their Tracks BL 5 - Stopped In Their Tracks BL 5

Stopped In Their Tracks BL 2 - Stopped In Their Tracks BL 2

Chess board 2010 close up - Chess board 2010 close up

Chess board 2010 copy - Chess board 2010 copy

Commission Below far left photo to far right photos, I'm working on a mural at the moment for the care takers hut to brighten up the place. Mural location is the Min's Shed located on the Old Sturt Highway Paringa, just East of Renmark SA.
The Men's Shed was set up for those in society that had gallen through the systems so the men from the group help support each other through lifes challenges.

Been doing more on the mural at Paringa after some break away due to other commitments. Will upload some snaps soon.

Started another mural at the Men's Shed to compliment the WW1 settlement Hut. You can see the work in progress and then the final painting in the next photo.

Event Photos
Paringa Mural 2 - Paringa Mural 2

Paringa Mural 3 - Paringa Mural 3

Paringa Mual 01 - Paringa Mual 01

Diggers Hut in progress 1 - Diggers Hut in progress 1

Diggers Hut finished - Diggers Hut finished

Gift Vouchers Some works were selected for exhibiting at The Gallery located at 55 Cassilis St Coonabaraban New South Wales in 2006.
Many attempts have been made to retrive the art works but with no success. These are works have been reported as stolen. There isn't much I can do about it, because if I tried to follow it up with the fraud claims unit it would cost me more than what the art work is worth.

What Is It Like? "Whats it like to live with a vision loss?" is one of the most asked questions.
Dispite all of my efforts to be as normal as you, my disability does dictate what life I am to have.
My employment opportunities are quite limited due to not being able to drive a car. My $20,000 worth of qualifacations are often over looked, as employers are unable to see beyond my disability.
The lack of additional income means I am unable to expand my art career further with joint or solo exhibitions. This also includes new materals to produce new works.
My disability pesnion is not much to live on and any extra goes on artificial eyes, valued at $1500 and purchase other adaptive technology I use to live independently.
I'm also socialy excluded as I'm not allways able to afford to participate in certain events with family/friends.
I'd like to be in a loving relationship with a partner, but the down side is;
I'm often treated like I need a support worker to look after me and then thier shocked at how independent I live. Also there is a strong possibility my disability is genetic. So children are off the agenda, as I know how difficult it is to live with a disability. Not only that not having a steady sustainable income means I can't support a family. Organisations supporting the disabled only cater to the needs of severaly mentaly or physically disabled, leaving me in the gap.
I like to have a partner who can accpet and understand why I live my life the way I do, but in this day an age I'm not holding much hope. If I want a partner, then having no income apart from my disability support pension won't help. lets face it if you were a woman would you want a partner who wasn't working!
This is not a sorry campagin but the cold hard truth as to what it is like to live with a disability.
So this is why I turn to my art to tell the story of life lived though a person with a disability. Through mMy art I hope you can foucs on what a person can do, because I want to feel connected to the world that often feel at such a distence.

So there you have it, I'll let you come to your own conclusion as to what it is like to live with a disability.
If you have other questions please don't hesitate to email me for further information.

Below are some photos of 1/72 HO Scale model buildings I like to construct for battlefield enthusiests for the War gaming. I have studied architecture for most of my like so these buildings have been researched to make them as realistic as possible. They are made from balsa wood, matchsticks, cardboard, BBQ scures and any thing else I can find and painted in an acrylic paint.

Event Photos
Heavy Distruction 3 - Heavy Distruction 3

heavy distruction 5 - heavy distruction 5

Exhibition 010 KEEP UP TO DATE with the web site as there are new works and events being added monthly.

Below far left; here I am using power tools, proving to all of those people who believe that people with a disability can't do things.

Next photo below is my coffee table that is strong enough to tap dance on.
Made from recyceld timber from hard rubbish nights.
Radiata Pine foor boards with Jarra planks in the middle for the top. Origan frame and legs from an old varanda and Boltic pine floor boards for draws. Feet were from an old bed head. it is quite strong and is at the right hight for eating from on those cold nights infront of the TV and fire place. It was also quite good therapy as it helped me deal with the pain of my partner waling out on me.

Next photo; Recent commession of a picture frame for a business owner in Port Adelaide (Adelaide SA) as they were looking for a frame to fit a photo of a family gathering. I forgot to take another snap when it was completed.

Next photo; there I am playing with powertools again, recycling one thing to make some thing else.

Next photo; is a close up of the beginning stage of the base cross section of the base for my kitchen Table that I was scratch building.

Next photo; is of a stand base I made for a pedastool to rplace the original damaged base as I saved the stand from a friend who was going to burn it.
Following photo shows the stand and bass attached, stained and varnished.
Following photo showing the close up of the restored stand.
Following photo of the whole thing complete.
Then for my Mother I gave it to her for her Birthday/Christmas. Even though our cat past away many years ago we still joke about how she would knock these stands over to get at the flowers and eat them. So I made this one strong enough to withstand the goast cat.

Next photo; is of a raised up table top for a friend who is also vision impaired as he needs to read the screen up close, so I built him a table top so his key board sits underneath, which is also a way to learn how to touch type and save on desk top space.

Next 3 photos; show various stages and completion of my kitchen table made from recycled Origan and Maranti timber, donated to me by a variety of friends.
I have included the making of a cutlery draw that sits on top of the table. Kitchen chairs are to come but am having some design issues with them at the mow.

Next phot; is the production line of different picture frame I was making. Making a product line picture frames for customers as I have been commissioned previously to either match a customers much loved painting or have made a frame to match a painting they have purchased or created themselves.

Next photo; is of a picture frame in prgress to give an idea of just one of the products available.

Next Photo; To give you an idea of one of the recent picture frames I have done, one of my students asked me to matcht a frame to one of her paintings. To enhance the bush fire appearance I did put the frame in an open fire to give it a chard look. The stain and then varnish certainly aided in bringing out the highlights in the grain. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo but need a new camera so if you are able to purchase a painting the will aid me to update much needed equipment to support my artistic carreer.

next photo are some more picutre frames I make from recycled timber. These are made from old weathered pallets with a Teak stain, 3 coats of varnish and a furniture polish finish.

Following 2 photos; are of a blanket box or small coffe/side talbe I made.
Made from pine with a Western Red Ceeder veneer inlay on the lid with Aussy Red Pine as a trim. Redwood stain with 3 coats of varnish and furniture polish finish. Size 50cm's by 50cm's by 40cm's. When open the lid rests on the back of the box so you don't have to worrie about it hitting you in the head. Available for $160.

Following Photo; an all round storage box for salt and pepper shakers or your purse... the list goes on. Made from recycled timber with 3 coats of timber and a slide lid. Available for $30.

Following photos; show the biggest project I've had commissioned yet. Restore a 4 Poster Bed and make a new bed base, draws that slide under the bed, a new headboard with Celtic Pattern along with some other alterations. It took about 4 months to complete and 300 hours, because this was the first ever job of this type I've ever done so I had to make many templates first before I went ahead with the final design. Last photo in this series shows the bed all set up at the customers house.

Following 3 Photos; are of my experiment into reviving a style of art which came out of the 1920's and 1930 called Depression Art. Here I have used recycled timber with an oil painting animals and flowers. These are almost finished and ready for a varnish. I have had strong interest in these boxes. When complete they will be for SALE at the Berri Visitor Information Center. Sizes range from 20cm's by 40cm's and 9cm's with some boxes having dividers. They are designed to hide away all of those personal items that litter bench tops and dressing tables.
Have managed to sell one of these at the Berri Information center recently (2015) for $40.

Following photo is of the completed bed set up I restored and made new components for. This job has blown me away now that it has the right quilt and pillows.

Following 5 photo; is of my new Stereo Stand I'm making from re-cycled timber. It's modeled on a bush style kitchen cabinet. A little fancy but a little rough at the same time. Lots of work to do as I've never made some thing like this before.

I have decided to go more into woodworking because art work isn't selling like it use to. People are only willing to pay $150 for an art work that took me 30 hours to complete and $50 in materials. People seem to be willing to pay for my woodworking.

If you would like to learn more about the making of my kitchen table then head to FaceBook and look for me Jamahl Pollard to view several videos I have created.

Event Photos
Me with power tools1 - Me with power tools1

My Coffee Table - My Coffee Table

Pine Frame No 2 St, Var, Pol - Pine Frame No 2 St, Var, Pol

Me with power tools 2 - Me with power tools 2

Table stand cross section - Table stand cross section

Wood Working pedastoot bass  - Wood Working pedastoot bass

Hallway stand 3 - Hallway stand 3

Hallwaystand 2 - Hallwaystand 2

Hallway stand 1 - Hallway stand 1

Matts Desk Top For computer 2 - Matts Desk Top For computer 2

Table brackets 1 - Table brackets 1

Centerr piece stained and Varnished - Centerr piece stained and Varnished

Finished Table - Finished Table

Table with draw open - Table with draw open

Cut Draw - Cut Draw

Production line - Production line

Close up frame in progress - Close up frame in progress

Commission DS frame - Commission DS frame

Palet Frames Group shot - Palet Frames Group shot

Blanket Box lid closed - Blanket Box lid closed

Blanket Box Lid open - Blanket Box Lid open

Sev 2 Pal - Sev 2 Pal

4 Poster close up of os top rail - 4 Poster close up of os top rail

Base legs finished - Base legs finished

Bed Base full shot - Bed Base full shot

Bed post bottowm - Bed post bottowm

Bed post top - Bed post top

Draws in a group - Draws in a group

Draws top Stained Varnished - Draws top Stained Varnished

Head board back complete - Head board back complete

Head Board ready for backing sheet - Head Board ready for backing sheet

Head Board front complete - Head Board front complete

Head board set up 1 - Head board set up 1

Top Side Rails finished - Top Side Rails finished

Poster inside - Poster inside

Compted all together - Compted all together

Rose 1 - Rose 1

Kanga 1 - Kanga 1

W Eagle - W Eagle

Sev  3 Red W St - Sev 3 Red W St

Bed All set up 2 - Bed All set up 2

Side View no back - Side View no back

with top shelf system - with top shelf system

Ornate cut out - Ornate cut out

Close up of ournate cut out - Close up of ournate cut out

Doors complete set up - Doors complete set up

Lost & Found Below far Left photo.
Completed comission of an Avro MK 3 Lancaster WW2 bomber. I went to great lengths to ensure each details was done just right as the guy who had comissioned me was a big fan of WW2 aircraft.

Below far right photo.
Here is the pre-sketch of a Lancaster aircraft to give you an idea of the effort I go to to ensure each detail is covered in my work as part of a commission I was working on.
I had thought that this pre-sketch was lost but as I was cleaning up about the place, I found it again.
At the time of the comission (Peter) after viewing the pre-sketch had asked me to leave out the plane in the bottom left corner.

It is interesting how people forget that the pre-sketch is a rough representation of the final piece.

Following Photos; show how a commission by the Eaton Family of restoring an art work and the finished product with one of my matching picture frame.

Event Photos
Landcaster - Landcaster

Lancaster color sketch - Lancaster color sketch

Scratches reall close up - Scratches reall close up

Scratches all gone full - Scratches all gone full

Full finished Marnanti frame - Full finished Marnanti frame

Future prospects Below Far left phot, a friend was looking at bying a coffe table at the local second hand shop, but he was most unhappy with the poor quality of them for the price they wanted.
So I did him a special deal and now he is very happy.
Made from recyled wood from hard rubish.

Next photo are of me working away on the painting titled Out The Back, which you can view in the Gallery section of this site under the Landcape banner.

Next are photos and flyer for 919 Winery situated just out side of Berri. I was invited to exhibit some of my paintings along side Tim Balderstone (Scluptur) for celebrations of the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA), held annually through out each August.
Plese drop in and try some of the wounderful wines they have on offer.
Head to Hodges Rd out side of Berri or contact Jenny on 0408855272 or Eric 0417997414.

Event Photos
Matt Matt's Coffee Table 2

Working away - Working away

919 Gallery SALA No 8 - 919 Gallery SALA No 8

919 Gallery SALA No 5 - 919 Gallery SALA No 5

Berri Iformation Below Left are 2 photos of an amazing artist Richard Maurovic, who opened my first ever art exhibition in 1998 at the Port Adelaide Art Community Arts Centre. If you get a chance check his work out as his reputation is going from stregth to strength. His work reminds me very much of Jefery Smart.

Event Photos
Richard No 1 - Richard No 1

Richard No 2 - Richard No 2

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