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Title: Doors of Deception
Category: Surreal
Year: 2015
Medium: Oil paint on board
Size: 95cm's by 80cm's
Price: $500
Through the mist I will find you holding a blank book. You have found a feather I dropped some time ago and when we are together let us write life's chapters together. This is the best way I can describe this art work. Art work has an artists varnish/glaze over it to bring depth to the work. Created for the Riverland Writers Group Ward Art Exhibition held in August coinciding with the South Australia Living Artists Festival. Half the group had to write a response to an art work and reverce for the other half. Lots of fun as the exhibition was held at the Berri Visitor Information Center down the road from where I live. Art work has a recycled timber frame to set if off. Head to the Events page to find the art work with frame.