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Title: L.P.
Category: MISC
Year: 2006
Medium: acrylic paint
Size: 61cm's by 91cm's
Price: $600
Painted during a raging storm on a fairly hot afternoon. As I am a mentor for vision impaired youth, a client had passed away due to a tumour. He taught me so much in such a short space of time. His intellectual capacity was ahead of his years and it was such a shame he left us at only 17. I wrote at his funeral. I don't know what to say but all I can say is this, he led an appropriate life. Sold to Peter T Knowles my ocularist who makes up my artificial eyes at 226 Melbourne St North Adelaide S.A. 5006 email He enjoys my work around the clinic as he enjoys telling people about my vision loss as it helps others to deal with their having to weare an artifical eye. The painting by Peter's request has been altered with the addition of several sea gulls. This was to match in with otther paintings of similar style that Peter has of mine.