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Freighting / shipping, packaging and insurance costs of art work are the sole responsibility of the customer. You will need to notify me of your prefered shipping companies contact details and collection times. Packaging, insurance, shipping costs are the responsbility of the customer.
Damage and repair costs of sold or commissioned art work that has occurred while in the care of courier or shipping company are not the responsibility of the artist.
I highly recomend that you insure the work with your shipping company.

Customer must fill in the date, pickup times and company contact details of sold or commissioned art work located on the sale or commission reply form and return it via email, post ASAP.

Failure to notify of late paick up of art work with in 30 days will mean that you no longer require the art work. In this event your art work will be open to for sale to the general public.

I provide stricked instruction to shipping company, as to how the art work is to be packaged.
These terms are agreed to and signed by shipping company and a copy is provided to customer to ensure shipping company has followed through with request.
In the event you recieve damaged art work, please check packing instructions provided by Jamahl Pollard. I would recomend seeking legal addvice.

Deposits and Refunds
Commissions require a 10% deposit of the total cost of the art work to cover materials and labour costs. Work will commence once the minimum customer deposit of 10% has been received via bank transfer or post.

Receipts will be provided via post or email providing details of your payments.

If the customer decides to terminate the contract the 10%deposits and part payments are nonrefundable.

These payments can be used to re-commission the artist.

Payments in full are nonrefundable but can be used to purchase an existing art work to the same value.

Final payment in full is due within 10 working days via pay pal account, direct debit, money order or cheque. Art work cannot be collected by courier or shipping company without completed payment in full and courier pick up times and contact details.

If you are purchasing more than one art work at a time you will receive a 10% discount on the second or subsequent purchases.

Pre-sketches are used as an example of the composition of the work that is not an accurate representation of the finished product but are used as a guide while creating the commission. Changes you require can be made at this preliminary stage.
Please note to vew photos of the work in progress so changes can be made at your request.

Are made out to
Visual artist Jamahl Pollard
No 15 Clark St Berri
South Australia 5343

Via money order / paypal account or check.

Final payment in full are required within 10 working days after the specified finishing date located on the commission reply form. Failure to notify the artist of delayed payments or failure to contact artist of collection time means that after the 30 day period the art work is open for sale to the general public.

Receipts will be provided for all payments and can be used for taxation purposes for organizations either investing in company art bank schemes or office furnishings. Check your local taxation laws for further claim details.

Re-working the finished product
You will be provided with progress of your commissiond art work via email containing photos of your work on a monthly basis. You are required to indicate any changes you require. If you fail to indicate via email or phone any changes you require and want the art work to be reworked after agreed completion date a $20 hourly fee will apply for the reworking of art work.

It is important that you view the progress photos of your art work to ensure that you are completely happy with the finished product before you send your final payment.

However, please note:
*Works on paper using mediums such as ink, artist chalk and pencil can not be rendered or reworked. You will be charged the full amount specified in the commission reply form.
*Objects can not be removed or added to a completed sculptures/dioramas, as it may cause structural damage or weaken the stability of the form. Please check photos of work in progress.

Modifications you require once you have received the art work is no longer the responsibility of the artist. However if you are willing to pay for shpping the art work back to Jamahl Pollard and a $20 hourly rate and additional materials costs and return shipping costs it is possible for you art work to be reworked.